The site fees for the 2024 season are as follows;

Site rent;
8 Months - 1st of March to 31st of October - £1833.33 + VAT = £2,200
9 Months - 1st of March to 30th of November - £1958.33 + VAT = £2,350
10 Months - 1st of February to 30th of November - £2083.33 VAT = £2,500

Rates are calculated by Durham County Council each year, this year they are £180.

Electricity is metered and charged at the end of each season depending on usage. The current rate is 0.28p per unit with a £35 a year standing charge.

Gas bottles are £90 for a 47kg bottle and we ask that you keep two on your caravan at all times.







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